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SKILLS CAMP is designed for players who are chasing their floorball dream

Feedback from parents

"Simon was absolutely delighted. He was already sending messages during the camp about how much he likes you. When he arrived, he spoke enthusiastically for so long about the training, the fun and the great friendly attitude of the coaches. Everything was perfectly prepared. From the parent's side - I was also excited - all the information from you regarding the camp was timely and clear. Thank you very much!"

"Hello, I also want to thank my son for his wonderful experiences, he praised the camp very much. As a goalkeeper, he appreciated the training of the goalkeepers and the entire team of coaches. Big thanks"

"Our Kuba came from the camp excited and hopes that he will be selected next year as well. He really liked it at the camp. He praised the environment, food, accommodation and training. The only negative we learned was that the camp was too short. As a mother myself, I greatly appreciate thorough elaboration. We are excited that the children were also able to get to know healthy food and other supplements."

Camp coaches

"Skillscamp is a unique chance to experience comprehensive professional training in top-notch conditions."

"The camp will be great because it will be attended by enthusiastic people who love sports, fun and floorball. In addition, the little floorball players will improve next to one of the most talented players in the world."

"The camp gathers people who love sports, but especially floorball and want to improve in it. I can't wait for the camp, because it will be a real experience for all of us, which we will remember for a long time."

"I am really looking forward to the camp, it will certainly be an interesting experience and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to be a part of it. I will lead fitness training outside the hall and show the boys what to do in addition to constantly improving and having fun at the same time."

The camp grounds will excite you

The camp grounds will excite you

The camp grounds will excite you

The camp grounds will excite you

Sponsors of the camp